How much does it cost?

Annual Fees

Programme Fee
Music tuition – Primary & Intermediate ages $ 384
Secondary Students & Adults $ 544
JUMP and Marimba Beat $ 200
Ensemble only TBA
Second instrument and/or family member 15% discount

We offer discounts for prompt payment and families with more than one Music School student and have a fees assistance fund available.

Do I need to own an instrument?

Not necessarily. The Music School has a wide range of instruments available for hire including clarinet, saxophone, flute, and violin.

What is JUMP?

The JUMP programme concentrates on beat, rhythm, pitch and dynamics, introduces expected behavior in group lessons, introduces the four instrument families – percussion, woodwind, strings and brass; lots of movement to music, percussion work, singing etc. This is aimed at children aged 3 1/2 to about 5 1/2.

What is Marimba Beat?

Marimba Beat (large wooden xylophones) takes beat and rhythm one step further plus introduces the concept that right note must be played at the right time to make the song work. This is aimed at the ages of 5 1/2 to 6 1/2.

What happens after Marimba?

At the ages of 6 1/2 to 7 there is ukulele for children aiming to play violin or guitar. Recorder for children aiming for saxophone, clarinet, brass or keyboard. These instruments are ideal for teaching independent finger movement on appropriately sized instruments and basic music reading. We have found over the years that students that progress through Music School in this manner are the one that stick with it and achieve.

What are Ensembles?

Ensemble is a group of musicians playing music together. We have four at music school, a Flute Choir, Saxophone Ensemble, Irish Band, and Clarinet Ensemble, which together make up our Orchestra. Membership to these groups are by invitation. They cater for the more advanced students and provide a goal for our less experienced students. These are optional and free to music school students. (Not running currently).