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Music for Life Newsletter - Term Two 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kia ora tātou kātoa, nau mai, haere mai, welcome back to another exciting term of music appreciation and practice. It is wonderful hearing our students develop and improve over time on their musical path. It can be hard at times to push through ennui - that feeling of ‘what’s the point’ but it is just a phase we must persevere through to regain that satisfying feeling of developing musical ability.

Remember: ‘Small steps every day will take you where you want to go.’


We have created a short anonymous survey for our students and/or parents to fill out. We care about your experience in our classes, and hope you will take two minutes (max) to help us better understand what you like about music school and how we could improve our services. We welcome your feedback! Take the survey online.


We celebrated NZ Music Month with a performance at the Night Market on Thursday 25th May. Glenys and her troubadours played from 5.00-5.30pm, also Kata and her wonderful vocal students followed. Wonderful to see our students getting performance experience. It doesn’t have to be Music Month to make something happen.. If you’re keen to play at the Night Market, ask your tutor - they may be able to organise it for you!


If you have any musical instruments or equipment you would like to sell, you are welcome to advertise them here, free of charge. Please send any details about your instrument, the condition it is in, cost, and your preferred contact details to: rotoruamusicschool@ihug.co.nz


Glenys and the team were invited to play at a conference last term. They accepted and played a 40 minute set which was received warmly and followed with a special letter. So proud guys! Here’s an excerpt:
“Their performance affected the whole gathering… all present were crowding to see who was playing...The fact that they joined in the singing was testament to how much they were enjoying what the children brought to the evening. ..thanks and congratulations for schooling them so well, and to the children for entertaining us so splendidly.”

This is an excellent reflection of how what you put into your lessons and practice can create a positive ‘ripple’ into the community. Haere tōnu! Keep going!


Rotorua Music School has a 32 week year. The way we structure this in relation to the four school terms is 9-9-9-5. So that’s nine weeks of music lessons for the first three terms, and five in the fourth. Our end-of-year concert is going to be on Thursday 9 November.

We’ve secured a new venue for the concert this year, and are planning for it to run as well as possible. Thank you to those who gave feedback after last year’s concert. We are a committee driven, subsidised initiative, and we do our best to make the concerts as positive an experience as possible for our students.

Keep up the great work, whanau! Remember, we love to hear from you - your feedback is very useful. Enjoy a beautiful Autumn. Ngā mihi.